About gargoyles

The Gargoyle is the guardian of the sacred place.

 Ugliness is such that even devil is frightened. 

 Those people who have fallen into vice and lust can no longer enter the sacred place and desecrate it.

 The simple presence of the gargoyles, guardians of the sacred suffices to resist their depravity.

 These famous blocks of stone carved in the shape of fearsome creatures were intended to remind the faithful that they should constantly be on their guard against demons.

  In times gone by, Gargoyles represented demons of stone, enslaved and enchained by men.

  Their monstrous and repulsive forms were designed to remind heretics (non-Christians, magicians, witches and the excommunicated) that divine protection already surrounded the building.

 The Gargoyle appears as a symbol of nocturnal existence, the obscure, of the monster in ourselves, of raging demons.

 It is also a symbol of something positive which, in some aspects is comparable to the dragon.

 It represents the life hidden in the deep interior of one’s being.

 It is also a vigilant guardian, a Cerberus and a seducer, as are all devils.

 The Gargoyle is a demon that protects demons.

 This is magical thinking which seeks to fight fire with fire.

 Legend says that gargoyles screamed at the approach of devil.